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Who Is The Plasma Applications Certification​ Candidate?

This program is designed for any registered medical professional looking to expand on anti-aging solutions for clients or patients.

​ageless Plasma Applications Certificate​ Accommodates:

Beginners – Registered Medical professionals w​it​h ​no previous aesthetic experience.

Intermediate – Registered Medical professionals who previously ​completed a two​day Botox and Dermal Filler workshop​ looking to develop skills by adding real life practice in a fully supported environment.​

Advanced – ​Registered Medical professionals in the industry w​ho​ are competent with the basic injection techniques looking to enhance your repertoire by learning advanced injection techniques.

​Certificate​ Overview

The Plasma Applications on going practical and certificate fees will ​cover key steps and information on how to prepare yourself and your client / patient for a plasma treatment including, real consultations and diagnosing with real clients​, application of waivers and charting, MD/NP “real time” communication. Members will learn how to carry out several cannula procedures and hair and skin rejuvenating treatments on as many clients/ patients as needed. PRP applications could never truly be taught in one day, or a few hours of injecting only a few clients, and before a student even fully absorbs the theory. ageless members are provided numerous and even endless clients to observe and inject, giving members time to learn and recognize all clients/ patients have different needs, facial structures and skin diagnoses and typically clients have a specific idea of what they are looking to have done. Work one on one or among other ageless members.

Practical sessions are​ always led by expert aesthetic doctors or nurses ​who run their own clinics or medical spas.​

​Certificate Duration

Endless……… Attend practical sessions offered weekly as frequently, and for as long as is required, members are always welcome! All theory is completed independently with current published text.

The price of this program is $1,800 plus taxes


​Member price $4,890 plus taxes​ (Advanced Skin Care, Plasma with Cannula, Botulinum Toxins and Dermal Fillers)

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